Is it possible to create a virtual switch from within an apps code?

Is there a namespace input required to create a "System" virtual switch from this?

def childDevice = addChildDevice("????????", "Virtual Switch", "${Name}", null, [name: "$Name", label: Name, completedSetup: true])

use case: In the setup of my app it requires a few virtual switches to be created, so to save time I was wondering if it's possible for me to programatically create them in the app so they are conveniently made for me during the install of the app..

I can easily create devices if they use my own custom drivers but I just want to be able to make a simple virtual switch from the standard system code... I suppose I could possibly do it by creating my own driver code for the virtual switch but I was just interested if it is possible to do it via the built-in code..

Thank you

Check this thread -- looks like the namespace is hubitat: