Is it possible to change virtual contact sensor state via Rule Machine?

Hi all, with the support of contact sensors in the Echo skill I was looking at using this to do announcements via my echos, but I wanted more logic control on when/where the announcements happen than the alexa routine allows. So I tried creating a virtual contact sensor which I wanted to trigger open using more complex logic with Rule Machine and then use that virtual contact sensor to trigger the echo announcements, but I can't find an action in RM to change the virtual contact sensor state to open. Is this not possible to do? If it's not does anyone have any ideas or suggestions on how to accomplish something similar?

I'm away at the moment so can't tell you exactly how to do it but it can be done. I do it.
I think it's under custom actions.
You will need some sort of trigger then select custom actions (I think ) and then select open or close on your virtual device.

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bobbles is correct. It's in custom actions. Select contact and you can turn it open or closed.


Thank you both!

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