Is it possible to access "switch turned off [physical]" in RM?

Hi. I haven't tried RM yet, but was wondering if it's possible to base actions on whether a switch has been physically toggled? Logs for my GE Enbrighten switch show [physica] and [digital].

Simple and Motion Applications don't have anything for this as far as I can see.


Yes, it is. I have a lighting automation rule that is triggered when the light is turned on with the physical switch (it's an Aeotec dimmer unit). The trigger turns on the lights and pauses my other motion based automation rule for 10 minutes, so that the lights stay on even without any motion - rather than go off after 90s. It works, sort of.

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In RM, choose the trigger as Physical Switch, then choose device, etc. I tested this moments ago with my GE Smart Motion switch, no trigger when turned on from dashboard, no trigger when turned on by motion lighting (using @JasonJoel’s component driver that splits the motion detector as separate device from the switch), but does trigger when turned on by physical switch.

Rule screenshot

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Thanks. I was able to do double tap up and down in simple automation. It'll be nice to have another option.