Is Hubitat for me


I've had a similar experience with ST too - did not get hub disconnects but had random routines not firing etc - was maddening trying to find out why.

There also were cloud outages from time to time. Did lose internet once and things stopped working. I wanted to remain on classic app and keep my original account. Did not like the way Samsung was forcing the changeover although I do understand it given their integration plans with the rest of their stuff.

There were enough things almost "right" with ST that made the decision to switch to HE harder.. but I'm glad I did.


In terms of total time, ST probably worked about that well for me too, but the times when it didn't were sure annoying. A couple memories: back in the v1 hub days, I remember my kitchen lights turning on a couple minutes after motion started (and off with similar delays but not necessarily when was truly not still in the room--take that, people who say "use a switch" to fix this). On v2, where were promised more local execution, not much has changed since its release, and I still remember an issue once with Smart Home Monitor where I couldn't disarm my house when I got home because I was doing it via the app (always needs cloud) and they were having cloud problems. Lots of fun walking around an armed house, where most of those automations did run locally. :laughing: (One of two, along with Smart Lighting, that did--and the only two that still can--provided the conditions are met.) The tipping point was definitely the Great Daylight-Saving Time Incident of Late 2017.

Not only does Hubitat tend to be a bit faster since even my custom code now executes locally, it's also more reliable since random problems like these don't really happen. Most of my downtime has been me upgrading my hub's firmware every few weeks (something ST does automatically, the only advantage of which is that it can happen when I'm not home and it doesn't disrupt anything). Total uptime is one thing, but uptime for things that matter when they matter to me is a better measure of my satisfaction.


I certainly can't argue with that. :smile:


That was the worst. It went on for a few weeks, IIRC.


Man those of you here that had Smartthings go down only 3 to 4 times in a year were definitely seriously lucky. I live in Ga that damn hub in the last year I used it back in 2016 it went down for me 17 times 8 times were from morning to evening. It was horrible if they took the cloud aspect of the hub out of the picture then it would be fine.

All I know for sure is if you are going to get into this home automation game, cloud hubs are just not viable for me, my automations have to stay local I learned my lessons with the so called cloud.


I started with Wink, went to Smartthings, went to Hubitat then back to Smartthings then back to Hubitat with my Smartthings hub up for sale right now. For ease of use for simple things, Smartthings wins because of the app. For everything else, if you give Hubitat a chance, it wins. I have 10 bulbs, 1 switch, 1 button, 1 keypad, 2 contact sensors and 7 motion sensors and Hubitat allows for faster automation than Smartthings for sure. And after you set everything up and tweak the way you need, it's basically set it and forget it. I didn't have many outages with Smartthings but having everything run locally give me great peace of mind, especially for stuff like security for the keypad (which would be disastrous if internet went when reentering the home and not being able to disable the alarm).

Give it a chance and you won't regret it.


I have been prowling several forums, trying to make a decision as the end date for Iris nears.
I don't mind putting in some work, and to be honest, kinda looking forward to trying to make the Iris components work with Hubitat.

The sheer amount of support this forum shows new and existing users is very impressive, and was a big factor in choosing Hubitat tonight. I'll be ordering my hub tomorrow and prepping for The Great UnPairing.


Me too. Mine is arriving tomorrow.


I missed this thread. I'll chock it up to I've been busy.
Bottom line is Hubitat is really solid as long as you stay within the "Built-in" Apps and drivers and ones that are developed by the community that are known to work well and not slow or freeze hubs.

There are a few apps to avoid, you can read through the topic history to get a sense of user's experiences, it should become apparent which ones cause issues. I use a few of those, but limit how many devices I use in them and that seems to keep things humming along.

As apps and drivers are written specifically for Hubitat and not SmartThings, this wariness of adding community apps and drivers will fade.