Is Hubitat a safe choice for Europe?

OSRAM Smart+ Plug for example will work with the generic Zigbee driver

OSRAM Smart+ Plug, ZigBee switchable Plug for the Light Control in your Smart Home , Directly compatible with Echo Plus and Echo Show (2. Gen.), Compatible with Philips Hue Bridge

Oh. Is it that the compatibility list is not up to date? Or only some brands are officially supported and other aren't ? How can I know check if it indeed ZigBee 3.0?

Im not sure which European country you’re in, but in the UK the brands you mention are either unknown or not very widely available here

However, Philips, Innr, Sonoff, Aeotec, Salus, Lifx (all available on Amazon) work very well (I use all of them successfully), as do many other brands


And then you have IKEA as well. I believe most of their lights and plugs work with HE

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It should be specified on the product. Should say something “Zigbee 3.0 certified “

I meant continental Europe - UK has different plugs

Seems to be ZigBee 3.0 is it a guaranteed compatibility?

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Compatibility means its been tested by hubitat, plenty of standards complaint devices work without us having tested it personally.

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That and the older zha 1.2 should work, but how can we guarantee a device we've never seen right?

Sure, but the plugs are not the issue, Most brands make both UK and Schuko/Europlug versions

Not sure what your point is. I said a popular EU brand. The UK is not part of the EU. The fact a brand is not distributed in the UK doesn't mean it is bad or unpopular on the continent: I lived in London for 14 years and last time I checked I still cannot find seasalt crumbly fudge in France. Yet they are lovely.

Looking more into this, it appears some European brands are compatible with home assistant or jeedom. The way I see it Hubitat seems to have started with the Anglo-Saxon market and based on Mike comments mostly been tested with Anglo-Saxon brand. Doesn't mean it is not compatible simply they haven't tested it.


You can check also this list: Custom Device Drivers (Wiki)
There are a lot of devices that are supported in Hubitat by custom drivers written and supported by community members.


I do realise that :wink:

My point is (as it seems I need to explain it) that despite not having access to what you say are the most popular brands in the EU, here in the UK we still manage to make Hubitat work successfully. We do that by using brands that are popular in the UK and that are also available in the EU.

I used to live in Germany for 21 years (until about 18 months ago) and ALL of the brands I've listed are available on, with European-style plugs, sold in Euros, shipping to Europe. And they all work with Hubitat

And when you say "a popular EU brand", you most likely mean "a Chinese brand that is popular in EU", because apart from Philips I suspect none of them are EU-based manufacturers

So yes, Hubitat is a safe choice for Europe :wink:


Just discovered this site in France :\-Wave+Plus-Z\-Wave+Plus+V2-ZigBee
Some interesting Zigbee and Z-wave items have a really good prices!

Delivery in Europe

Colissimo Domicile Europe - with signature

Once the package has been prepared by us, it will be delivered to you within an indicative time depending on your delivery area and will be delivered against signature to your home.

€9.90 for any order regardless of the amount

Delivery areas : Germany, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Denmark, Spain, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Czech Republic, Romania, United Kingdom, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden.

Vesternet is also available


yep - quite a number of 'smart home' companies more often than not rebadge Chinese made devices (tuya comes to mind for example)


Schneider Electric SE is a 70bn EUR ish European player. Granted it is not as big as Siemens or GE but is is not a Chinese company :slight_smile:

I first looked at them because they have cool no wire no battery smart switches that doesn't require you to punch the switch to work and looks like regular high end switches.

These EU plugs work very well with HE


Don't forget the smart things outlets guys. A bit expensive but rock solid!

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