Is Google moving to local processing?


From reddit Home Automation:

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Google is moving processing local for Nest and the rest of their hardware. Currently in beta but will be available later this year.

Here is a video that explains how Google created a type of containers and moved the cloud processing to local. This is the back-end. Basically the JS that use to execute in the cloud now executes on the local devices.

Then they are also moving the front-end to local processing.


Probably true for some set of functions. Just like the new Fire TV Cube recently announced processes many commands locally now too.

They figured out what most of us already knew - some commands need very low latency/turnaround and are better handled locally versus going to the cloud and back.


It's also about security. That's the main driver.


They also talked about moving their assistant processing to local, I wonder if this will be released with the Pixel 4 unveiling.


It's not really new news...