Iris Ver 2 keypad disarming by itself after updating to

I had no issues with arming my Iris V2 keypad in Hubitats version 2.23. I recently updated to and started having issues. The keypad would arm but in less than a minute it would disarm. I then tried to update to the newest 2.24.156 with still the same results. I arm my HSM with the keypad and less than a minute it disarms itself. I put in fresh batteries with the same results. Any ideas?

Just wondering if by any chance that the Away Arming Delay is 60 seconds, there is an open sensor or dead sensor?

Both entry and exit delays are set to 30 seconds. Testing sensors one at a time to see if open or dead

FOUND IT! Can you believe TWO of my car Presence Sensors batteries were at the 60% threshold and were making presence of BOTH cars go away and present! I changed both batteries the same time last year about this time and they both went and coincidentally the same time I updated Hubitat to . All seems well. APPRECIATE your suggestion!

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