Iris V3 motion sensor parameter list OR how to disable the LED on motion

I have an Iris V3 (iL07_1) motion sensor. It works great but I would like to disable the LED flash on motion sense. I'm aware a piece of tape will work but was hoping for a more elegant approach.

I've searched many times for a manual showing the possible parameter with no luck. And MikeMaxwell's Basic Z-Wave device does not have a zigbee counterpart.

Any Information would be appreciated.


I do not believe this is a configurable option on any generation of Iris sensor. If it is, it is not documented as far as I know. Still, a "Basic Zigbee Tool" would be neat--most Zigbee devices do respond to requests for how to do specific kinds of reporting (e.g., when to do a temperature report), which would be nice to have some day. :slight_smile:


@bertabcd1234 beat me to it. In fact, I seem to recall that it isn't configurable. Tape it is!

But I have got used to it for the most part, and don't even see it anymore. I have a dozen or more of them, and it no longer bothers me.

Yeah, I should add that I actually like the flash now (the Iris v2 before this was the first one I got that did any sort of flash, and it freaked me out for a while--and it's harder to cover up than the v3 since it's the entire lens flashes). It's rare, but when it happens, it's an easy way for me to know if my automation failed because the battery (probably) died without even looking at Hubitat, unless you're not a weirdo like me who now looks at motion sensors when you walk into rooms, I suppose. :slight_smile:


Thank you both. I still find it odd there is no information I can find on any parameter. I guess there aren't any.

That is my assumption too. I didn't extensively dig, but there wasn't much info available when I was researching this a while back.

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