Iris v2 sensors issue

I’ve had Iris v2 motion sensors for years. They perform great. However, about 2 weeks ago-ish they started constantly falling out of touch with HE made do have no idea why. This happens across the all of them 10+ where sometimes they work and sometimes they do not.

The quick fix was to remove and reinsert the battery, but it happens quite a lot and is getting annoying.

Any ideas why?

Have you added any Iris V1 sensors? I had that happen when I had V1 sensors in the mix. Since removing them and putting them on a separate HE linked to the primary, things have been very stable.

Nope. I dont know what it could be. I did add osram lightify outdoor lights about 1 month ago.

There's your answer! Get rid of the lightify lights and your Iris sensors should work properly again. If you want to keep the bulbs, it is best to isolate them by having them connected to a different hub from the rest of your sensors. There are a number of posts saying that the Osram Lightify lights don't play well.

Like ST? I heard somewhere that you could pair these lights with Hue. Any other thoughts?

I don't have ST or Hue so I can't answer that. I purchased a separate HE for all my Iris V1 devices. Search the forum and you may find better answers.

North American Osram Sylvania lightify bulbs are ZHA, not ZLL, so they will not pair on a hue bridge.