Iris V2 Keypad setup password and codes

Now that I have paired my Iris v2 keypad and door/window sensors in Hubitat.
I just need to setup the keypad password, always on day, partial etc.
I found something on the Hubitat app but I little confused on some of the directions.
Is it best to setup the keypad with the app or online at Hubitat?
Are step by step instructions somewhere?

sounds like you need to add lock code manager application.

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If you only have one, I would advise just setting the code in the edit device page. You will have to enter a slot number (a number, i recommend going in sequential order), the user's name and then the code. Then you have to pair the keypad up to HSM. That is the easiest way to get it working.

You mean "select" and "setup", just don't want anyone to think it needs to be joined and or paired to the hub again...

Yes....that is a better word to use.

What’s HSM?
It’s already paired to the Hubitat hub

Hubitat Safety Monitor... Hubitat's built in security app.

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What’s HSM?

As I said, Hubitat Safety Monitor. It's a built in app that's Hubitat's answer to a security system. You can find it under built-in apps.

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On the commands page for keypad the settings don’t stay ie code position or set code etc. Am I on the wrong page? I don’t see a edit device .

This is the edit device page:

and this is the command to set a code:


You can see, it has code position, pin and Name. What driver is your keypad using? That can be found on the edit device page too.

I got the keypad working sort of. I can set it on and off but haven't figured out Partial. The sound on the keypad is low and tried to adjust by pressing 2 but it doesn't seem to work.
I ended up using HSM and a lock code manager, I not sure I need both. I find the device manager a bit confusing as it seems like you need a number for each setting arm on arm off arm home arm away etc. it seems like there's way to many options.
Hubitat hasn't answered my email yet after a few days so I guess they're busy.

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