Iris V2 Contact Sensor

Hi there - brand new HE user here, migrating over from ST. I decided to migrate things over slowly, starting with one room. All of my door & window sensors are the Iris V2 Contact Sensors, model 3320-L. I have paired two of them to HE, and they register as a Generic Zigbee Contact Sensor, however they are not reporting Open/Closed status. Looking at the Device Details page, all it shows is the Battery and Temperature states. The list of Supported Devices show these should be registering as the Generic Zigbee Contact Sensor driver, so I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong here or not. But I can't continue to move things over until I get this resolved. Any help would be appreciated!

Welcome to Hubitat!!!

How close are the devices to the Hub? How many devices have you migrated? Where are you seeing that it "doesn't change"? On a dashboard or the edit device page?

Try to click on configure then refresh. Also Hubitat will not show a state like open or closed until it has an open or closed event.

Of the two I've moved over so far, one is less than 10ft from the hub, and the other is less than 20ft.
I have only moved over 20 devices so far (9 physical devices, 4 Life360 presence, 7 Sonos). I am seeing the lack of open/closed status on the Device Details page (when clicking on device). When adding these devices to the Dashboard for Contact, it says "Unknown". I have clicked "configure" several times as well as opening and closing the door. No events.

I misspoke - there are events, just temperature changes. No Open/Close events

Can you show the device edit page?

You might also try doing a factory reset of the sensor and then rediscovering in hubitat. You don't have to remove from Hubitat, it will re-discover with the same name.

I tried that as well as completely deleting the device and re-adding. I tried adding screenshots of the device page but I'm getting an error that I can't upload images.

What is the battery level of the device? I would contact if you're still having problems after doing all of that.

Batteries are both showing 87%. I'll contact support. I was just hoping this was something "easy" I could resolve now. Thanks.

Almost all of my contact sensors are Iris v2 door/window sensors as well. After joining them I had to open or close them before they reported the contact status, they all joined as Generic Zigbee Contact Sensor as well. Unfortunately I can't think of anything to try that you haven't already as I haven't had a problem with any of them. The only issue I had was I couldn't pair one of them as it was at the far end of the house so I added an Iris v2 Smart Plug about 2/3 of the way to the contact sensor and immediately I was able to pair that device since the Smart Plug works as a repeater.

Thank you all for the help - the fix was to just reboot the hub. Once I did that, the sensors started to show open/closed.


Glad you got them working.