Iris v1 Motion Sensors on C8?

Just received my C8 and was successful in migrating from my C-5. The only issue I have right now is 3 out of my 5 Iris v1 Motion Sensors won't connect. I've removed them and factory reset them several times but the logs always show this:

2023-03-15 01:56:25.651 PM[info]Created Unknown Zigbee Device
2023-03-15 01:56:16.426 PMinfoCreated Unknown Zigbee Device
2023-03-15 01:56:03.752 PMinfoCreated Unknown Zigbee Device
2023-03-15 01:55:25.589 PMinfoIris Discovery Stopped
2023-03-15 01:54:21.162 PMinfoInitializing Zigbee Device 000D6F000315BEC1, EFC7
2023-03-15 01:54:20.692 PMinfoInitializing Zigbee Device 000D6F0003C3FB53, 49CA
2023-03-15 01:54:20.411 PMinfoInitializing Zigbee Device 000D6F00036FCDEA, 2C97
2023-03-15 01:54:19.288 PMinfoIris Discovery Running

I was originally trying to do one at time with the same results. Anything I'm missing?

Known issue w/Iris v1 sensors that is being worked on by HE staff, a release w/a fix is expected, exact timing TBD.


I had the same problem with the V1 sensors. I realized there were only 2 on my system, so I switched to IRIS V2 sensors. They've been working OK since.

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