Iris V1 door and motion sensor

Having issues connecting V1 contact and motion sensors it would see it in discovery but never connected. Then update came out for hub and now shows "Iris v1 ZigBee" in device discovery but not detecting anything and sensors are blinking after resetting...…..

I had a couple that had to be reset several times before being discovered. 2 things of interest:
How good are batteries?
May want to try changing zigbee channel. I was on 20, changed to 25, nothing worked, changed back to 20 and everything linked. Not sure if changing made difference but I think maybe the other zigbee devices are temporarily disconnected and pairing gets full attention. (Kinda like clearing cache on browser)
Hopefully this works.

Hello Louis,

Yes, prior to version 2.0.7, Iris V1 was not supported. Now, most of them are. I have several V1 contact and motion sensors working.

Factory reset them. Then in Hubitat, go to the devices and select to Discover the devices. If they are Iris V2 or above, select the button for "Zigbee" or "Z-Wave" as appropriate. For V1 devices, select the "Iris V1 Zigbee" button which will start it searching. If a device is in pairing mode, it should be discovered quickly. If they aren't, make sure the device is in pairing mode and try again. I agree with Rich that you might want to check the batteries. I have not needed to resort to changing the Zigbee channel, but it is a possible solution that might help in your situation since you did try pairing them before the 2.07 and then the 2.08 updates incorporated the Iris V1 support.

Ok maybe doing this all wrong but how do you reset/pairing mode? For the v1 sensors!

On line there are still many videos made for Iris. Most of the V1 stuff is reset by removing the battery for about 30 seconds, re-install the battery and press the internal switch 8 times, once per second. This was the method I found for V1 contact sensors and V1 motion sensors.


+1 to what Rich wrote.

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ya that's what i'm doing and getting a rapid double blink every 2 seconds so i'm assuming its in pairing mode, Ive tired the channel change nothing worked, did the reset many times and still not getting a connection under discovery?????

Try rebooting your Hubitat. Settings/Reboot Hub

just did that now tried again nothing...………. :neutral_face:

You may want to walk away tonight and try again tomorrow. There is also one more thing not all my V1 contact sensors have the same firmware Two, which I think are my oldest sensors, show 3 states: the newer ones show 4 Current States

  • battery : 100
  • contact : closed
  • tamper : clear
  • temperature : 72.05
    (the tamper clear is the new one.)

uhhhhh ok try again tomorrow...…..

Just to let you know I am new to this game (had Iris and wink) Not really a techie. I took me 2-3 evenings to get the 6 V1 sensors to pair. 3 happened quickly, the others took much longer.
So far everything else i have paired, 5 dimmers 1 light switch and 4 Sengled lights, took less than an afternoon.

ok so I used chrome to do setup and it went thru connecting contact and motion sensors thanks guys. now the fun part of figuring out how to make it a house alarm I guess I would have to make a arm rule and disarm rule? also wanted to make door contacts chirp the indoor siren when they open a door like a "door chime" how would that be accomplished?

Can't help on that. When I was doing my research as Iris was shutting down I realized the Hubitat was going to be a learning curve for me so I use Ring for alarm.
The chirping for door sensors is a big topic here so bring your reading glasses.
So far everything I got going here has been solid. The Alexa has been great so my next challenge will be the Echo Talks app.

The Hubitat Safety Monitor app is the one to use for this. In the "Intrusion Away" and other Intrusion sections, you can configure which sensors will trigger an alarm.

Yes, chirping is a problem. Some people get a Google device and then use that for the speaker to do things like play an audio file (such as .wav) for a door chime. I have not yet done so. I miss Iris' chirping the V1 keypad when the door was open. However, the V1 keypad is not yet supported and even if it is, it is unknown as to whether it will be able to have the chimes set up like it was in Iris.

So with out a keypad or remote how would I go into arming and disarming system? i'm little confused on how this all works now. maybe I took wrong approach at this or i'm over thinking this system...…….?

From your dashboard locally on your computer or via the cloud version on your smart phone if you are away.

I use the Life360 app/integration with HSM and the arming/disarming happens automatically based upon the presence of everyone in the household.

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Also, if you have some sort of presence device (Iris V2 Smart Keyfob, for example), you can set use the "Mode Manager" app to set up a change in mode from "Home" to "Away" when all keyfobs depart and to change the mode from "Away" to "Home" when any of the keyfobs return. I have it set up this way and it is overall reliable. I have had some issues where it has not worked and I see the system disarmed when it should have been armed when I check the cloud dashboard from my phone. I can easily arm it from there, so it has not been too big a deal. As my system increased in stability, it became more reliable.

if you don't mind how did you set up the rules for it to trigger the arm and disarm?