Iris Plug stopped working

I think something has recently changed. I had Iris plugs working for over two years, and suddenly, they don't work anymore. The plug is about 40ft from the hub. I almost think that it happened after the latest load. It has been at least 5-10 days. It does work if I move it a lot closer or somewhere else in the house. I even tried to change the plug to ensure it was not the plug, and it does the same thing.

I have 5 or 6 Iris V2 plugs dispersed around the house and a few Iris V1 plugs attached to my C5 and C7. All have been working with no issues.

By latest do you mean the very latest I have not got around to installing the latest hotfix as I am still on

I keep mine up to date usually. I replaced the same plug with a Peanut, and everything works fine. I am now on (C7). That may be the last release they were working on. I am not saying that they all stopped. Just seems like the distance has decreased. Like I said, I have them in other parts of the house. This plug actually sites outside....very protected. Again the peanut plug works fine.

Can you clarify if this is a problem with one specific device, regardless of where it’s physically located?

Or multiple devices have a problem when in a specific location?

You should be able to compare to when platform updates were applied using the Hub Events tab on the Logs page. You can align the restarts on version X with other logs you are seeing that may justify a change in behavior of the Iris Plugs.

It is multiple devices in the exact location of the same type. As I said, they had been working for years. I noticed about five days ago. I'm unsure exactly when, but the device could no longer be controlled. So this morning, I decided that it was just broken. I brought it closer to the hub, and it worked fine. So I decided that maybe something was wrong with it. I grabbed another plug and tested it out, and it worked close to the hub. So I brought it to the exact location that the other one was, and it did not work—I tried everything. I then grabbed a peanut and put it in the exact location, and it worked fine. It is almost like its environment changed.

After reviewing the logs, it looks like Hubitat saw the request, but the device either did not see it or chose to ignore it. This all started after the upgrade on the 29th. That morning, the device was working fine. The plug turns on a backyard LED light under certain circumstances.

This is strange, because I would otherwise think maybe something’s causing interference in that spot. If it weren’t for the peanut plugs working there.

Zigbee interference still seems plausible. Do you have neighbors close by? New or changing WiFi access points (even ones you don’t own) can cause issues with zigbee.

It sounds like you have several devices that can repeat to ensure zigbee mesh strength. But can you confirm how many hardwired or plugged in zigbee devices you have? And nothing else has changed recently with your zigbee devices?

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This is unlikely to be directly related, btw.

I will verify that things have not changed, but it took me many months years ago to get the system the way it is today. Everything works great, and I never had any issues till the 29th. Honestly, since the Peanut is working, I am good with it. I just wanted to ensure I noted it so that if others run into the same issue, they can see they are not alone. I have over 19 devices in my Zigbee network and am working on the map to show. However, I think I only have 15 physical devices connected to the hub. There are a lot of repeaters that I have strategically put around the house when I started putting this together. This is a very mature network, and nothing has changed, other than software loads, in over a year at least.