Iris Outlet 3210-L Behaving Strange-Not Zigbee, Not Z-wave-Feedback Please

So the plug responds to zigbee on/off AND is actively repeating Z-wave.
The issue started last night, when the outlet is turned on, it comes on (either physical or digital) and reports correctly. However after about 15 seconds the power output is cut, the indicator light and HE report the plug is "ON", but there isn't any power at the receptacle.
If I cycle the power, the same thing happens, power for about 15 seconds and it cuts out. There aren't any rules running that would rapidly flip the plug on/off.
I pulled the device apart and don't smell any magic smoke or see any damage.
I don't think the internal relay would have any overload protection?

Oh and this happens with a phone charger, a heatgun, or even twinkle lights plugged in, so even with very low loads.

I had a Centralite plug fail somewhat similarly a few years ago (randomly turn itself off). Eventually, it stopped turning on as well.

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