Iris Motion V3 / how to get all readings on one tile

Iris Motion V3 il07-1

I can select Motion as the template and get the motion, temp, and battery life on the tile.

I can select Humidity as the template and get the humidity, and battery life on the tile.

What's the secret to getting everything this device provides on one tile? Is this a feature request specific to this device or is there a generic path to getting what I'm asking for?

Honestly I'd be happy with the humidity, temp, and battery on one tile. Those are the "environmental conditions" that I'd look at the dashboard for.

(Better yet let me put up a schematic of my facility with this data proximally positioned :kissing_heart:)

Thanks in advance for replies.

You could construct your own using RM or webCore; ie. set up a rule to refresh every x miuntues that queries the attributes you want and string them togther, and then use Virtual Attribute set device with the Attribute tile to display it like:

Thanks, I'll lift the hood on this.

As always, flexibility is Hubitat's middle name.

There are two community apps that you can use for this. Tile Master tiles are also controllable, Super Tiles are not.


+1 for Tile Master

Thanks ... these options seem less like I'm rolling my own solution and offer a lot more.

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There's a few people who have done this. I'm at work and did a quick search and could not find it but I'm pretty sure it's in one of the Show of your dashboard threads or at least the "Dashboard" forum. If I remember correctly there was a lot of CSS editing involved. Having said that I don't do that and my css section is quite large for some of my dashboards.

Thanks once more.

The deeper I get into this stuff the more I find myself in this split mindset:

#1) Totally impressed with the core flexibility of HE, the ingenuity of it's community, and the camaraderie to share solutions

#2) Perplexed by a platform that succeeds through #1 while a broader community of "not-so-under-the-hood-code-handy" consumers would benefit from this product.

In other words, could HE "take off and swallow the market" by having stuff like what we've been talking about being fully integrated with no effort beyond local system & device configuration.

At the same's the vary "open nature" that satisfies all the ingenuity seen in this forum.


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This has come up more than a few times. Especially regarding dashboards. To the point that there are numerous community created options for dashboards. Let us not forget SharpTools, which is a built in app but the free version is pretty much useless for most.

Thanks for the mention @CAZ - we have a lot of users who enjoy the free tier!

As you're perhaps alluding to though, the free tier isn't really targeted to some of the power users in this community, but I think there is a quiet group of people who use Hubitat and don't have hundreds of devices. (And we just pushed out an update to the free tier so Spacer Tiles aren't counted against the limit)

I'm not sure how I missed this before but to your point the use of the word "useless" was a terrible choice of wording.

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