Iris Motion Sensor 3326-L stuck in pairing loop


Sorry if I placed this is the wrong area, new to the forums. I bought a lot of the Iris Motion Sensors (3326-L) and right out of the box the first one worked great. I got busy with other stuff and just today finally went back to try and add a few more of them. Thus lead to the sequence of events:

  1. Successfully added a second Iris Motion sensor
  2. Added it to some simple lighting rules
  3. Noticed that the rules were not working
  4. Discovered that the sensor was never getting tripped (activating)
  5. Removed device and factory reset
  6. Went to re-add and now stuck in this loop:

sys:12019-06-11 02:34:05.374 pm infoIris Discovery Stopped
sys:12019-06-11 02:33:12.413 pm infoCreated Unknown Zigbee Device
sys:12019-06-11 02:33:09.597 pm infoInitializing Zigbee Device 000D6F00057B1430, C67A
sys:12019-06-11 02:33:05.356 pm infoIris Discovery Running
sys:12019-06-11 02:33:04.383 pm infoIris Discovery Stopped
sys:12019-06-11 02:32:10.887 pm infoCreated Unknown Zigbee Device
sys:12019-06-11 02:32:09.336 pm infoInitializing Zigbee Device 000D6F00057B1430, C67A
sys:12019-06-11 02:32:04.373 pm infoIris Discovery Running
sys:12019-06-11 02:32:01.538 pm infoIris Discovery Stopped
sys:12019-06-11 02:31:07.797 pm infoInitializing Zigbee Device 000D6F00057B1430, C67A
sys:12019-06-11 02:31:01.513 pm infoIris Discovery Running

  1. Tried to add a different sensor and had the exact same issue.

Have tried:

  • Resetting the sensors several times.
  • Rebooting the hub
  • Updating the hub
  • Rebooting the hub again

*Note, my original sensor is still working fine and responding.

Anyone else have this issue or know what's going on?

this can be the result of having osram bulbs joined directly to hubitat...

So the 10 Sylvania Lightify bulbs I have could be the issue?

The odd thing there, was I had them installed when I successfully added the (still working) first sensor...

What's the workaround?

more than likely, I've had issues pairing zigbee sensors while these are on line.
unplug/unscrew/turn off the mains power to each one, if these are the only repeaters that you have that will also be an issue if you have issues pairing the motions in place.

So I cut the power to all of them and have the motion sensors right next to the hub. Still running into the same loop.

So I put it into iris discovery and started the loop. Then I turned on another motion sensor and put it into just the zigbee discovery. The first iris sensor finally paired but the new one didn't....

And now I can pair any and all of them using the Zigbee discovery vs the Iris discovery. Now that I think about it, the Iris discovery is only for V1 which these sensors are V2....I wonder if that was my problem the whole time.

Anyways, thanks for the help.

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Yes, it is explicitly for V1 devices, all other Zigbee devices will not work correctly if V1 is selected for them.

Judging by your problem Iโ€™m guessing osram bulbs and v1 devices still donโ€™t play well together :frowning:

Osram bulbs and anything don't play well together. :slight_smile: (And by "anything," I mean other Zigbee devices, except most likely other Zigbee bulbs/lights. This is also not a problem particular to Osram bulbs; it's a characteristic noted for most Zigbee bulbs, though people seem to have more problems with some than others and I can't remember if this is one. Sengled is the exception since, unusually for a mains powered device, they are Zigbee end devices and not routers.)

Worked fine together on Iris :man_shrugging:

Luck of the draw...
This is a well documented issue on many platforms, it's not a Hubitat specific problem.

I wouldn't say luck of the draw. I presume Iris found out what the problem was and made it work. Didn't have any issues through Gen1 & Gen2 Hubs.

I promise this isn't a dig at Hubitat, I love the system and how it's evolving so quickly, I was just checking in to see if there was any update to this issue....

Cheers, Mark

I'm seriously doubt they figured anything out in this regard. There is nothing a hub can do to prevent a device from being a router if advertises itself that way.

This specific spin cycle with the osram is due to the device having selected it as a parent during discovery (the hub can't do anything about that either) and the osram flat out not forwarding the transport key from the hub to the device, so the device never completes the join and therefore the hub does the sit and spin...

Unscrew the stupid bulb, try again and it will join.

I captured the frames in a sniffer and couldn't beleive it my self.

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It's definitely a weird one.

I can connect all of my bulbs and all of my other components, set up the rules and everything works perfectly for 3 days. On the third morning at exactly the same time all my Iris Gen 1 opponents get stuck in a loop and stop operating. Whilst all of my bulbs continue to work fine...

The only thing that has changed between everything working and it not working is the changing of the hub from Iris. This is why I presumed they had worked it out because everything worked for 3+ years prior to Hubitat.

Hi Mike,

I've been looking into Systronics as they now have keypad and camera functionality for Iris v1 and this was their take on the issue with the bulbs... " Some bulbs are problematic when used as routers. One possibility is that Iris excluded smart bulbs as routers.
In general, its best to not use smart bulbs as routers, but to rely primarily on smart plugs. Our Control System determines the optimum routing dynamically. In doing so, it also excludes smart bulbs as routers wherever possible, and alerts the system administrator when they are being used.". Is this something that Hubitat knows about, can do or incorporate into the system to allow these bulbs to play well together?

As far as i know, you can't tell a device that wants to be a router not to be a router, and you can't tell a device which router it should use, systronics is even admiting this via the "whenever possible" clause...

It's really not that big of a deal, it's well known who the bad actors are, and the simplest solution is to put them on a separate hub, be that another HE, or a hue bridge.
I run all my zigbee bulbs on a separate Hubitat, Hue, Sylvania, Osram and a few other brands, they are all quite happy over there.
I think I have one centralite repeater on that hub along with the 30 odd bulbs.

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I know "it's not really that big of a deal" but it is a $100 deal having to buy a second hub, are there deals for repeat customers?

Just to clarify... when running two hubs (one for bulbs, one for other devices) you still operate from one dashboard? So when making a rule combining bulbs & devices, all devices show up in your device list as if on one hub?

In which case the only other thing that would make hubitat complete for me would be if we could get my 'wall art' a.k.a Iris V1 keypad working?

I also have multiples of the Iris v1 Keypads and would love to have them working with Hubitat. Any chance that integration will make the development team list anytime soon? Thanks