Iris leak sensor Inactive but a refresh wakes it up

Just as the title says... this leak sensor regularly reported temp and battery the first time I installed it but the past few weeks it will go INACTIVE and when refreshed from within the device list would send back fresh temp and battery level.

I have around 13 of the zigbee moisture sensors mixture of ST, Iris and Centralite (Same as ST) and about half have this issue as well. They do still detect leak even with no temp or batt update. Not sure what the issue is. Most likely mesh hopping problem but that's just a guess. Probably Xbee mesh mapping will shed more life but since I don't have it yet. I create a rule to refresh it daily. I think you do have the xbee device don't you?

That's good to know about the leak report with no temp and battery activity. I will check out the zigbee map in a few.

This is what my map looks like..

Does that mean the xbee and Iris repeater using the garden spot as one of the hop? I thought or read somewhere the Sylvania garden spot is not a reliable repeater.

Yep, that's what it looks like. I wasnt aware of the the garden spot being an iffy repeater, hmm.

@Navat604 could I ask you how you refresh your sensor from RM? I don't see a Refresh option in RM... I am new though so this might be a dumb question. Thanks for your patience! :slight_smile:

My bad... I must have missed this. Sorry. I am going to do this... I am also going to try to send CONFIGURE periodically b/c I 've noticed a couple ST motion sensors pooping out and getting woken up by a CONFIGURE.

Thanks again!

No worries, happy to help. If you have many sensors then I would divide them to smaller groups instead of refreshing them all at the same time. Probably it's ok to do all at once but I have 100+ zigbee devices and don't want to hammer the signal.

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