IRIS key fob 3450-l2 pairing

Anyone have any tips on pairing the below iris 3450-l2 iris smart fob. I tried regular zigbee and iris v2 pairing and neither work even after replacing with new battery . Did the remove bater replace it, and pushing button 8 times

hard to tell if it is just defective because i'm getting no lights..if i recall when i had it with smartthings it would blink red light in the background


It's a normal zigbee device. I think it works like this: remove the battery, wait for few seconds, reinstall the battery and within 10 seconds press any button 5 times. That will factory reset the device.
After that, take the battery out again, reinstall it and press any button until the led starts to flash.

I have 2 that work well.

I have 2. Mine blink green, but it's very hard to see. Go in a dark room to see the blink. If it's not flashing for join, it won't work. If not blinking, check the battery seating(+ facing out) and if you can check battery with a multimeter for over 3 volts.

Oh wow, thanks guys...good tip, yes in fact I am getting the green blink when I press a button, it is super faint.

However, still having trouble with pairing questions

-1 After I do the reset procedure and when I press the button after putting the battery back in the green light should flash until I join right not just once?

-should i be using the iris v1 zigbee join or regular zigbee

Finally got it! Not sure what I did, but at some point, I got a red light, then a flashing green then it added...oh well

Now that I got it, is there any presence capability to this thing, or pretty much just the buttons. What do you guys use them for?

This. It is a zha1.2 device.

Presence,Yes! I don't use presence but it works.
I use the buttons to arm/disarm HSM, but you can use the buttons for whatever you want

CAn you post the link where u buy it?

Iris is a Lowes brand that Lowes discontinued years ago. Checking eBay for them 2nd hand would be your best bet.

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