Iris Garage Door & Iris Button V1

Firstly, Thank you everyone for helping me transition from Iris to HE, it's a learning process but I'm getting there and looking forward to things evolving :slight_smile:

So... I'm trying to use Iris v1 button to open and close the garage. Simple right :slight_smile:

As far as I can see the only way is to use button controller app, but it doesn't allow me to 'toggle' the garage door only open or close. My Iris button only has one button.

So do I need two buttons one to open & one to close?


P.S. I finally just worked out how to switch to the cloud based dashboard for when away from home... YeY!!!

You can do this in RM with a global variable and a single button.

In RM, create a boolean global variable and name it something like "Garage Door Closed".
Then, in RM, you create a triggered rule that captures Button 1 being pressed. For the rule, check the state of the global variable. If true, set to false and open the door. If false, set to true and close the garage door. That should give you the toggle functionality you are looking for.

You could also do the same if you have a contact sensor on your garage door and use that for open/closed state.

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Thank you for your instructions! I will look into setting it up.

My garage door opener does have a tilt sensor so it knows when it’s open and closed, does this change how I would set it up?

I’m surprised there isn’t a toggle functionality as a standard...


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It would just change your true rule. So, instead of using a global variable, you would just use the tilt sensor (open/close, I'm assuming?) as your true rule.

There are toggle functions in RM under switches.

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Thanks again!