Iris Camera- emailing video or photos

I have a couple of the iris indoor cameras which were built by Sercomm and modified by Alertme to become the re-branded rc8221 cameras sold by Lowes.

There's lots of information on the web about how to reset the cameras and then to use API commands to get the cameras working so they can display pictures and video. I followed those instructions and was able to capture and view pictures and video. The API/CGI commands I could find on the web were close, but not exactly what Alertme apparently used (Google "SerComm Neutral Brand IP Camera Configuration" for the commands).

Seeing pictures is nice, you can even display them on dashboards using the image tile, but what my real goal has been is to get the cameras to email me pictures or preferably video if HE detects an intrusion.

On the HE end I can create a rule that would send the camera a command to enable its motion detection. That seems to work fine.

On the camera end I thought I could set it up to send an email with the photo or video attached whenever it detects a motion event.

I set the camera configuration to do this and was able to see in its log that it detected the motion event and attempted to send the email, but the email failed to send. Here's the log entries:

10/03/2019 18:16:13 SMTP: Failed to send E-mail to "".
10/03/2019 18:14:11 Alert: PIR & Motion Detection (bundle) triggered.

I tried this with both a gmail account and with an att account, both failing the same way. I then turned off the attachment option and it seemed to work for both accounts. Here's the new log entries:

10/04/2019 12:30:22 SMTP: Send E-mail OK by SMTP server [host:].
10/04/2019 12:30:01 Alert: PIR & Motion Detection (bundle) triggered.

But no email was ever received (checked junk too). Here's the camera's email config group:


If anybody has gotten the camera's email to work I'd like to hear how they did it.


I'm using 4 of these with a Blue Iris server. Hubitat controls the BI profiles depending on the Hubitat Modes and the profiles handle the recording and alerting settings. BI handles the recording and alerting via push/email. I never tried direct alerting from the cameras since they would only be able to send a pic at best.

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I'm thinking I'll have to go the BI type route. Was hoping I could make due with the 5-6 sec clips that the camera advertises.

I think BI is windows only, any thoughts on a Mac equivalent?