Iris 3460-L Smart Button

I just watched this video on how to reset one of these Iris v2 buttons:

However, I can't figure out how the heck the battery tray gets removed to begin with.

What am I missing here? I see no easy pullable part of the button casing. I can see what must be the battery tray shown in the video, and there's a small gray switch-looking slider to the side of that but nothing seems to be releasing this tray easily.

Any help would be appreciated!

If I remember correctly the little grey button slides to the side and the battery tray slides out. I only purchased one to try with another vendors hub quite some time ago. The piece of plastic that held the battery in was a bit fragile and I clumsily broke the one that I had.

Ok I got it to come out using part of what you said.

I did slide the gray tab over but the tray does not come out at all.

I had to slide the gray tab and then use a spudger to pry it out. It did come out that way, but ugh.

Let's hope I can reset this thing properly so I don't have to try and pry the tray out a second time.

Thanks for the help!