Iris 3320-L acting weird

One of my door sensors started doing something strange. When it is open it lights up red and stays lit till closed. Never used to do that. Battery is good. And it works ok. None of my other ones are doing that.

Anyone know what that might mean?

These sensors can be put into a mode which visually indicates the contact closure state via the LED if you insert the battery with the contact state in the closed position. As I recall it was flashing colors rather than solid red however. Just to rule this out, make sure the magnet is not near the sensor, then remove and replace the battery.


I had forgot about that mode if you change the battery when closed. And I think you are right it was flashing. I hadn’t changed the battery so that wasn’t the cause. I tried your suggestion of removing battery and putting it back in. That solved the problem with the red light. However, it used to flash green when opening and closing. No longer does that. Which is ok, that doesn’t bother me. I’m kinda thinking something is wrong with the unit itself. But as long as it keeps reporting open, closed I’m happy.

Went red again. This time it stays red open or closed. Changed battery this time. Will see if that works. Otherwise will have to assume bad sensor.

Weird... If battery doesn't fix it, probably worth trying a reset/rejoin as a last resort. I have had some odd things happen with the motion sensors that ultimately got sorted out by doing that a couple of times.

Not sure if this is what’s happening to me as well? Just recently started to have one of mine light up constantly, but it’s more of a purple color instead of red. Just randomly started happening, removing/reinserting the battery clears it for some period of time and then it randomly starts up again.

That’s probably about the same color as mine.