IR sender

This is copied from the Vera community where someone used this to send commands to the same unit

socket = require("socket")

local s = socket.udp()
s:sendto("K 2416 0A6A 0378 01BC 01BC 01BC 01BC 01BC 0378 01BC 0378 0378 01BC 01BC 01BC 01BC 01BC 01BC 01BC 01BC 01BC 0378 0378 0378 01BC 01BC 01BC 01BC 0378 01BC 01BC 01BC 01BC 0378 0378 0378 01BC 01BC 01BC 01BC 0378 01BC 01BC 01BC 2000", "", 65432)

I can sort out the K codes and know the static IP address and port of my Keene IR unit, so I guess I just need to know how to send the same code with my Hubitat.

So it’s using the UDP protocol. I don’t believe that HE supports that yet and unsure if it’s on the roadmap. Maybe @patrick can confirm.

UDP isn't currently supported. I'll add the request to the features list. I assume people would want to also parse responses or is blind sending all that is needed?

For my current requirement, blind sending would be fine, but I guess it would be nice to be able to check the response too. Depends how much extra work it is.

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Just bumping this as I don't understand the terminology enough to know if the latest firmware has changed anything with regard to sending IR commands to my Keene system and if so how if would do it. I don't come from ST so don't have the auth code for a Harmony Hub. I don't mind buying new kit if my Keene system isn't a goer, but I really miss not being able to control my A/V gear from my Home Automation. I don't have, and don't especially want, Alexa so I just want something that Hubitat can control to send IR via Zwave or LAN.

If you're willing to set up a Raspberry Pi to run the harmony-api server, you can use the method I originally wrote to control my harmony hub...

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Thanks for the suggestion, but I really don't want anything that complicated.

Since my old X10 days I've been able to plug one item into my system that sends IR commands. Surely after 20 years of technological advances there must be something simple?! Surely every Home Automation system needs to control A/V gear?

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I've read this opinion from many, and I'm not quite clear as to why it's felt to be a necessity. I love that I can tell Alexa to turn the TV off or include turning the AV gear off as part of routine. I also love that I can just ask Alexa from our kitchen to pause the TV so I don't miss anything while I'm getting a snack. And when the kids have the TV too loud, it's great to have Alexa turn it down, but that's about it for me.

I want to watch TV with a remote and handle other AV related tasks with a remote. The experience I have with our AV equipment requires my involvement. I can't think a scenario where automation of it, other that turning off, would be acceptable.

Can anyone offer a scenario that I'm missing?

I don't (or didn't) do anything especially fancy with IR but enough to make it useful.

I use it to turn off all my A/V gear off when I hit the bedtime routine.

I used to have a whole page on Imperihome set up with the more obscure commands for my A/V gear. I use a universal IR remote for normal use and this saves me digging out the original remotes from the "drawer of many remotes".

I could take my Humax boxes out of standby using it, if I need to use the web interface for remote programming when away.

SWMBO has some Xmas lights and LED candles that are IR controlled and I learned those commands via my Keene system and could then turn those on and off via Vera too.

Hi Patrick,

I have yet to get a hubitat yet, and one of the things that will be important for me is UDP support.

I'm currently on ST, and 28 out of the 40 lights in my house are LIFX. One of the main things that I want to fix when coming over is the speed of response. If Hubitat only supports LIFX via cloud then it is going to be a similar lag. If you support UDP I'd be glad to try my luck at writing a driver,

Is this something that is likely to be fully supported soon?

Many thanks,


UDP isn't supported yet. It's on the todo list.


You are probably already aware of this option, but just in case... You could build your own RESTful server on a Raspberry Pi that simply translates HTTP requests into UDP packets. Basically an HTTP to UDP bridge. You could also build the reverse as well, assuming the LIFX bulbs respond in kind.

You could also do this on the ST platform, however the advantage with Hubitat is that everything would be running locally on your LAN. For example, I use the Hubitat Lutron Caseta integration, which utilizes Telnet as the communications layer between Hubitat and the Lutron Smart Bridge Pro. This allows me to use Lutron Pico remotes as 'button controllers' throughout the house. The response time is almost instantaneous and very consistent.

I would love to see UDP made available to Drivers and Apps as well. Using UDP, I could easily send SYSLOG packets to a Syslog Daemon to store a complete history of Hubitat events.

Hmmm...:face_with_raised_eyebrow: The more I think about that, the more I like that SYSLOG idea. @patrick, @bravenel, @chuck.schwer - What do you guys think? Could an option be added to allow all Live Logging and event data to be also directed to a local SYSLOG server? This would allow users to keep an entire history of events, errors, debug statements, etc... on a local server. This would seemingly be very useful for troubleshooting Drivers, Apps, and the platform in general.

Note: I should probably start a separate thread so as to no hijack this one... :wink:



Thanks Patrick - dare I ask, is there a rough eta? e.g. 1 month, 6 months, within a year, etc?

Another question(s) - as I couldn't find an answer in the search - and I'm trying to think of all the other devices I will want to bring over and whether they will be supported. Are the Samsung cameras (the ones that ST supported), supported with Hubitat? I think everything else I'd want to bring over is supported, at least in theory, and I can port over my custom device handlers as I'm assuming that Hubitat supports the same Z-wave command classes including the security ones?

We don't give out ETAs but hopefully soon. Cameras aren't officially supported, have to work out how we will handle these. We support most of the common Z-Wave command classes but I'm sure there are a few ones we've missed. Find them and we can add them to the list to get added.

Oh and the Samsung cameras made my Techwin are probably never going to be supported outside of Samsung ecosystem. They closed down the streaming urls to 3rd party recorders due to a security hole.

Just bumping this in case this has already been added and I've missed it or to see if it's still on the to do list? IR control is the final piece missing from my switch over from Vera.

Another shameless bump!

I really want some sort of IR control for Xmas when SWMBO gets out her IR controlled candles etc. If I'm not going to be able to use my Keene KIRA system (it needs UDP) are there any other ways of connecting an IR sender that doesn't involve a raspi server? Is there anything I can get that I could use via IFTTT?

Take a look at a Flic Hub. That should be able to blast IR under IFTTT.

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Also take a look

Thanks for that, I haven't come across the Flic Hub but it looks promising for what I want. If UDP isn't coming soon (any news @patrick?) I think I'll get one to try it.

UDP support is already in the hub. We have some changes coming in the next update that should round out the support for it.

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