IR Remote (ZigBee)


Do HE support this device?

AED 51.13 35% Off | Tuya Zigbee Smart IR Remote Control Universal Infrared Remote for Smart Home for AC TV DVD works with Alexa Google Home


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Is this of interest to you?

Nice little item, could be very handy!

From one of the reviews:

Awesome device which allowed me to ditch the troublesome HDMI CEC standard for controlling tv devices. Using this unit with Zigbee2MQTT / mosquito / Home Assistant with no issues. Identifies as Tuya ZS06.
03 Oct 2022 00:42


Watching this one.

Count me in as interested -- this could be neat.

Sorry, I am not interested on this device at this time, I have already planned probably at least 3 months of work for this project here .. : )

There is a working solution in Hubitat for IR blasters : Broadlink IR/RF remotes integration (RM3 Mini, RM Pro, RM4 Mini/Pro)

It works excellently, I am controlling 2 x Fujitsu Air Conditioners and one old Sony TV in 3 different rooms using 2 x Broadlink RM3 and RM4 Pro.


Adding one more remote, which is small and battery-powered and so it can be kept anywhere. And MOES is an excellent Chinese brand for reliability.

If anyone plans to add driver for this, please update here :slight_smile:

I purchased the Tuya zs06 zigbee IR Blaster and cant use it because there is no driver for it. Can someone please make a driver for the Tuya zs06 zigbee IR Blaster, that would be great so it is not just a brick on my desk.