IR options?

Hey all,

I've played with Harmony before and found it only good for activities rather than individual commands so a bit painful.

I've recently been using the GlobalCache devices and the community app but it's a bit of a hassle to make all the commands, but I'll persist if there's not another good all-round solution that others are using for IR?

Broadlink devices (search amazon for broadlink mini 3), I have a tool you can install on a raspberry pi - and just today someone created a native app as well (in beta right now)

It’s cheap and reliable, just search broadlink in code share

Haven't done anything with that myself but there is another thread that may be of interest to you:

yes, that's what i've been playing with. Thx @bcopeland

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I'll check this out - thx @rob121

If you are going to look at BL, this will help. Just released.

Will I be able to have multiple Broadlink devices with Hubitat? I'm assuming so?

I’m note sure of that, I’d ask within that post.

I've just released a beta of a companion app to the Native Broadlink Manager...

RC HVAC Manager - Remote Controlled HVAC Manager

It is designed to allow you to easily control a device without importing or learning codes...

Initial supports Generic (requires importing/learning codes) and (certain) Fujitsu,Daikin, Mitsubishi and Toshiba units (without codes)...

Available HERE

If you take a look at this thread, the community Harmony driver has just been updated so that it can send individual device commands.

I am using it and it works very well.

Harmony Community driver

Download the Hubitat app