IR control for AC mini-splits

Is anyone using a Zigbee IR device for mini-split AC control? I can't find any. If yes what are they, and how well do they function and interface with Hubitat?

I have a good Zigbee mesh with a few repeaters. I would prefer not using wifi IR devices with a cloud connection, but that seems to be my choice. I'm aware of ZWave IR devices, but my ZWave network has only 2 devices, both close to the hub.

I'm close to purchasing 5 Wifi Broadlink Bestcon RM4C mini devices, mainly because they are so inexpensive, $19.99 on Amazon, less on Ebay but shipping is from China. I almost gave up on this device until I found my router supports a separate guest network using only the 2.4K band required by Broadlink. My main Wifi has 2.4k and 5k combined, will not work with Broadlink devices, and I'm in no mood to split it into separate SSIDs.

Since Broadlinks are my likely device, any suggestions for using the RM4C on Hubitat with Fujitsu A/C mini-splits would also be appreciated.

RM4 does not work with HE. Make sure you get the RM3 mini which is supported by a community driver. They work very nicely although I prefer the Sensibo devices because the mobile app and support with those is top notch (although they are significantly more expensive).


That is no longer correct. I still recommend getting an RM3 unit, but RM4 units are now supported.


Why is that?

RM3 units are known to work. They use eControl or IHC to connect to your network. Once connected they are able to be used from the eControl/IHC app or by third party applications.

RM4 units do not work with the older apps. When you use the current broadlink app, (unless you follow a strick procedure) it cloud locks the device, so it will not work with third party apps. At this time, the units can be unlocked, but future units may ship with firmware that can not be unlocked. Unlocked unit can NEVER be used with the broadlink app, or they will be relocked.

Also... Neither the RM3 or RM4 devices will work on a guest network. By definition, a guest network is segregated from the main network. When segregated, they will not be detectable or controllable from the Hubitat.

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Thank you for the detailed response.

I have to do some reading on eControl and IHC.

Thank you for saving me from a lot of frustration, but that really sucks.

My Tp-link router has a guest network check box that says: Allow Guest To Access My Local Network.

In the definitions it states Allow Guest To Access My Local Network - If enabled, guests can communicate with hosts.

Any idea if this will allow the guest network to work with the Broadlink? (Probably a Tp_link support question.)

It should allow you to access and control the RM devices... But, with that option enabled, it's really a secondary gateway not a guest network...

If your main wifi network supports 2.4GHz, it should work without using the guest network. The fact that your main network supports both 2.4GHz and 5GHz is immaterial... A device will only connect on one frequency at a time... 5GHz capable devices will choose the 5GHz frequency, the 2.4GHz devices will choose the 2.4GHz frequencies...

I agree however see paragraph 2. Copied from Broadlink app. I have one SSID using the router's "Dual Band Selection Option". The 5G is a remnant from when I had it split. When I combined it, I kept the 5G network id so I did not have to reconnect most of the Wifi devices.

I just went through this. the broadlink will see the 2.4ghz band only. the thing you need to make sure of is that the phone/tablet you use to do the initial setup is on the same 2.4gz band as well. After set up is complete there is no reason to do this again. I disabled the 5ghz radio on my synology router just to force my phone to connect to the 2.4ghz temporarily. after setup was complete just turn the 5ghz radio back on.


Thank you. That is really helpful information.

That's depressing and reason enough for me not to use either one.

Just make sure that when you turn the 5gz radio off the SSID stays the same as it was before. Mine didnt it added "_2.4ghz" to the end of the SSID name. so i just deleted that exta bit from the SSID. Your router may not do this but it probably will. It sounds messy but its really not

Why is it depressing? Just use the ihc app instead.

The practice to disable local functionally is depressing to me. I don't appreciate companies building in planned obsolescence to any product.


Please post the link for that app. I have no idea what it is.

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I agree with that completely!

All i have to say is im glad I got one. I am controlling my garage mini-split and the stereo in my garage. It just WORKS and fast! and @cybrmage is always on top of any requests or fixes.

Which device are you using?

Broadlink RM3Mini

Looks like this is the only RM3 still in production, right? I'm trying to decide if I'm going to try one of these, roll some homebrew ESP8266 magic or buy another Logitech hub. These are so tiny and cheap it's hard not to try one.