Ir blaster, cheap good available?

What's a cheap good available ir blaster with local control and that works properly with a good amount of support

@bobbingtonbob230 I used the Broadlink RM mini3 when I was on Smartthings. Setting it up is a bit quirky, but it work, and works well. Broadlink WiFi Smart Home Hub RM Mini 3 IR Automation Learning Universal Remote Control Compatible with Alexa: Home Audio & Theater

If you choose to use these, here is a thread about the driver. [WITHDRAWN] NATIVE Broadlink RM/RM Pro/RM Mini/SP driver & RC HVAC Manager - Developers / Code Share - Hubitat

Read ALL the way through, because along the way you will hear that the developer pulled the code from GitHub. Fortunately it is available from others in the community. There is a good amount of support through the users on this thread.

Have fun!

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I have an RM pro 3, an RM mini3 and an RM mini 4, all connected to my c5 hub. They work like clockwork and never miss a beat.
The rmminis can be had for 10-15 dollars, but do read the thread linked above, as if you use the wrong broadlink app to set them up, they can get cloud locked and won't work locally. The rm pros also handle RF devices at 345 &415 mHz IIRC. the minis only do IR

It is indeed a long thread, so I just wanted to clarify the code was never on GitHub, and it’s not clear that the developer ever would have approved of the code being circulated by others here after he removed it from his google drive and ghosted on us in the forum. The code itself has no licensing information included.


Where's the code? It doesn't look like it's there, I can put it on my server for you guys if you want. I can guarantee it won't be pulled down, I can just leave it as a text file.

@marktheknife My mistake. My fingers got away from me. There is so much available through GitHub I stated it without thinking.

You are also correct about the licensing. That is also discussed ad nauseum in the thread. :sleepy: It is a very worthy discussion though.

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Umm ok, can someone give me the code so I can use it? If your having trouble keeping the code somewheres I can put it on my server at

Even if the owner of the code (or perhaps someone he sold it to) decides to seek legal action against those who reproduced and distributed it without authorization?

No worries. I have no particular knowledge or insight into the issue, but it seems like some thing worth considering. Others are a little more cavalier regarding the risk of doing this, everyone’s risk tolerance is different.

I'm just offering to help u guys out dude. :man_shrugging:

Irdc, I assumed it was some sort of auto detection and removal thing like youtube how it pulls stuff that's not really illegal

Thanks for the offer @bobbingtonbob230. Some else has already made it available from their GoogleDrive. There are links at about post 288.

So far there isn't any auto-removal process for community code.

And I’m just a guy without any real knowledge of software licensing.

I posed the question of whether it was ok to reproduce and distribute the code in the thread after the dev removed it from his google drive. There were quite a few opinions one way or the other, some people that seemed to be knowledgeable thought it was a violation of his copyright to distribute the code.

Each user can do with that information what they will.

The BroadLink app was updated and can now unlock the hub.

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Who cares... Unless I get a cease and desist in the mail I don't care. Copyright laws are a hodgepodge joke, their essentially unenforceable. Seriously. If he had it on his site and had a donate button, theirs a 50/50 chance I would donate to him. This is basically markup code, which is pretty generic and relies heavily on the device itself, seems like it's hardly copyrightable, but I find it useful, so if it worked he would probably get paid. If it didn't or was really hard to setup I would probably be annoyed and not donate. Unless it said that it was annoying to setup or beta and that he was working on it. Then I would understand. Now, on with the topic, how does it actually work?

What does unlocking the hub do?

Also, i put the files on my server so I can get at them. It's a public facing server. So if u want them their there. Or not, not really my concern. But I'm not a fan of google after they axed google music and google print, if they just turn off google drive file sharing it wouldn't surprise me.

Also, do you like point the remote at it and then basically set that code as a certain option? Or do I set it for a particular tv set?

Evidently you don’t. Your choice, of course.

If you have questions, your best bet would be to post in the release thread the dev originally created. As @wayne.pirtle mentioned, it remains quite active among users of the code.


Good call. Thought it would be locked or something. And yea idk who would tbh. Whats the down side? They make a threat they can't follow through on? I mean If they wanted it off and we're selling it i would gladly take it off and link to their site. If their not selling it then why would they care? And honestly I'd they aren't selling it idk what their gonna sue me for. Lost revenue? What revenue? Their not selling it. Doesn't seem like they have anything to stand on. Also realistically this is a make-it-yourself device. Your relying on code someone else made for this device. The code you make is useless without the device and code it was made for. The common wealth of the hubitat community owns it unless someone is selling it as far as I am concerned. And if their selling it their probably gonna make less than if it was free and you donate. Cuz I wouldn't donate to a for profit business.

Either or. It has a DB of devices for IR codes or you can learn any other codes, either in broadlink app, or directly into HE hub with HE app installed.