iPhone presence sensor

iPhone presence sensor says 'not present' even when phone is inside the geofence. Happens very often. I have to log out and log back in, works for a few days before breaking again.

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Which app? The Hubitat app or are you using something like iPhone WiFi Presence Sensor? If it is the latter, you're more likely to get a solution if you post to the parent thread.

Also, which phone?

Using the Hubitat app. Its an iPhone 7 with iOS 12.4.

Quite often I also find that the app has logged itself out.

@aaiyar do you have any suggestion for me to check. See picture below, this continues to happen. Life360 reports correctly, but Hubitats presence sensor does not. If possible I would like to use Hubitat only and not be dependent on yet another app. Thanks.

You should contact support for sure. Tagging @patrick @bobbyD.

@patrick @bobbyD can you kindly look into this?

I use combined presence app (think thats what its called) so you can tie 360 + HE iOS + Wifi and get a better cache of present or not. Currently I have HE turned off for arrival because it is so inaccurate VS 360.

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