iPhone Presence - owntracks

Has anyone successfully gotten IOS to work with Owntracks? I believe it should work but I'm not getting any luck in my attempts to get it functioning.
I remember when I first played with Owntracks on my personal Android it was very complex and I finally got it when I used all lower case. That was a year ago so my memory is vague. The debug log shows data coming in but the virtual device assigned isn't recognizing the change. Any suggestions?

This is what I use almost exclusively for geofencing. I use it with an MQTT broker, but there's no reason the Hubitat app shouldn't work.

Can you describe your setup? how did you select username? was it case sensitive? what about the region stuff? was there any caveats you can think of?

Same as my older android setup. For me, username is case sensitive (based on my broker setup). I have about a dozen regions setup. Everything works. And has worked for ~1.5 years.