IPhone Presence Detection

New to Hubitat.
I've set up rules to change the mode to "Home" in order to disable HSM when I arrive at home. I've actually set this up for my wife's phone and mine as well. She's using an iPhone 7, I'm using the iPhone XR.
We were both riding in the truck going home. Her phone got detected (and triggered a rule), mine didn't. In fact my phone didn't get detected within 5 minutes we've been at home already. I refreshed the device page and the dashboard multiple times. Then I tapped "Send Geo Event" in the app settings, and that did the trick.

So my question is, how reliable is the presence detection? I know I can get this done via IFTTT but I rather ask because I'd prefer to keep everything handled by HE. Or is there anything I've missed or I can do to resolve the issue?

Welcome to Hubitat!

The Hubitat Mobile App is still pretty new. For some, it works very well. For others, issues like yours are not unheard of. My wife and I both use iPhone 7 phones, and have had very good success (although not 100% reliable.)

Previously, we both used the Hubitat built-in Life360 support for mobile presence. For me, Life360 was slightly more reliable.

Instead of trying IFTTT, I would recommend trying Life360.

If privacy is a concern, you could also try using Locative + Hubitat Maker API for presence. Locative has recently been updated in the iOS App Store (which is somewhat promising!)

+1 for Life360. It's more robust than HE for now. It also supports multiple locations (eg. for hubs that are not colocated) which right now is a gap for HE.

This a big topic, but here are some tools I've made that really helped me get to reliable presence detection. In the threads, you can see how other people are using them too.

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I am trying to add the Life360 App and I am able to login fine, select my Family but the Place dropdown never populates with locations, including Home. Any ideas?

when I had this happen, it was because the password I was putting into hubitat for my life360 account was incorrect.

Thanks, I wish that were the case here but I get a successful login since my "Family" is being sent back to Hubitat, just not the Places. Thanks though!