iPhone dashboard switches to cloud

All my dashboards are configured with cloud access disabled. I am at home on my local network. When I open Hubitat app on the phone I can select a dashboard and it displays. I then select the Dashboard icon on the bottom of the page. It brings me back to the list of dashboards. I then select a dashboard. I get this message:

Cloud Access is Not Allowed for this Dashboard

Okay, start fresh, close the app, swipe up to make sure it is completely closed on the iPhone.

  1. From dashboard list select a dashboard, it displays
  2. Select the dashboard name in the top left, navigates me back to dashboard list
  3. Select a dashboard, dashboard displays
  4. I can then repeat steps 2 and 3 over and over and it stays local

It did not used to behave this way. It has worked fine for months before this started. I was on Hubitat version 2.2.4.xxx and decided to upgraded to to see if it makes a difference. Unfortunately, behavior on iPhone is the same.

Is this a bug? Anyone else have this behavior?