iPhone can't see my Dashboard when I'm away

Using Safari, I navigated to my Dashboard screen. From there I saved it as a bookmark. The Bookmark along with the Hubitat logo display on my screen. I can then tap on the bookmark and it takes me directly to my various Dashboards.....as long as I'm on my home network. When I try to access that same screen when I'm away from the house and relying on cell service, I get the screen depicted below. Can't I access my Hubitat devices from my phone when I'm not home??

From the Dashboard app screen click your dashboard and scroll down to Cloud Link to Dashboard and click that link then bookmark that to use when you are away from home. I'm guessing you had the local IP otherwise, if you don't see the option for Cloud Link to Dashboard you will need to click advanced and allow cloud access to that dashboard. Also using the Hubitat app will make accessing the cloud links that you have allowed easier since you don't have to find the right link, although if you make some dashboards that aren't available via the cloud they will still show up in the cloud connection list which can be confusing.


Done. Will see if that resolves the issue next time I'm out and about. Thanks.

Or just turn the WiFi off on your phone for a moment while you’re at home so that the phone has to connect to your dashboard through the cloud.

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Now THAT would be a hassle.

I presume you aren't using the Hubitat app for a reason. The app automatically changes from local to cloud.

It was my understanding that the app merely takes the user to a browser, in this case, Safari. Thus I went directly to Safari when I set up the bookmark. Your distinction will have me rethink that arrangement.

The app is an installable app. It includes presence / geofencing and notifications which are quite useful. Available for both iOS and Android.

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Use a VPN. I do. No cloud exposure.