Iphone app not working

I have an account (though not for long if this continues), I have a hub set up on my LAN, I have a single device (C8 Received today - probably return tomorrow). I have one automation setup. All this set up on my PC.
I download and IOS app. Keep getting a message at startup of the app, a hub has found to claim (?????) at I follow the instructions which takes me to portal (via the empire state building and Cairo). Again follow the instructions (like a blind sheep). Close the app...
The I have to go through the whole procedure again and again.
Deleted from iphone (5 times so far - 1 final one to go).
I've rebooted the c8, put it back in its box and started again.....
Guess what the ios app is the same....don't work.
It is very difficult carrying a PC (not laptop) around with me so that I can access by Hubitat Hub.
Please advise

Don’t have to use the app if your phone has a browser…

Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately as a completely new user, my first day experience is not very encouraging and makes me wonder how reliable thie hub is.
The fact is that it should work....I paid for it, and I shouldn't have to use another app to access the Hub.
Again thanks for taking the time to reply.

App normally works on both the iPhone and Android, so your experience is not normal. So your experience is not normal.

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