IP2IR Error


I'm trying to set up my ITach IP2IR but I'm having trouble. I can connect to my IP2IR fine but it will not fire codes from hubitat. I have included a picture of the log. Be grateful if you can give me any pointers

Show me how you're trying to send the command.


Hi thanks for your response. This is my code


it works when sent directly from Ilearn. I have it activated using "Send IP2IR Switch Driver" auto off. Is that what your asking?

Many Thanks

I need to see a screenshot of how you have the child app setup.

The Virtual device you choose in the Parent App is using the IP2IR Telnet driver as stated?

Screenshot 2021-04-11 151953

this is the settings on the child app

If you mean the actual app code itself I haven't changed that, I just installed via the package manager.

yes its using the IP2IR Telnet driver

Ok so I have worked out something. If I paste the code directly into the Send IP2IR - Telnet, Device Notification box and send the code works. So I guess it has something to do with the switch.