iOS Hubitat App Call detection

Would there be a way to have the phone push a alert or something to Hubitat for call notifications. Basically if i am out at the pool and my phone is out of earshot could i rig Hubitat to sound a siren or set off a strobe to let me know i am getting a call. I am not sure the best way to set this up.

I also saw on the forum people rig up listening devices that look for a loud noise like door bell or something but that solution will not have a very good Wife Approval Factor.

This isn't really a question about what can the hubitat iOS app do, but more about what does iOS allow apps to do.

You need an app that can take some action when your phone is receiving a call, like send an SMS or call an HTTP endpoint. Hubitat could then use that as a trigger for any kind of notification. I don't know if that's possible though. I'm not saying it's impossible or such an app doesn't exist, just that I haven't heard any discussions about this before.

In contrast, Android phones tend to be less locked down in terms of what phone functions are exposed to app developers. For example, you could do just what you're asking if you had an android phone with IFTTT.

If you find a way to do this on iOS, please let us know.

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Pretty sure the only way to be notified of a phone call as an app on iOS is to build a spam cal filtering app and Apple would never approve an app that used that feature to do a notification like this. Unfortunately it’s not something Apple allows.


It looks like there is some functionality with CallKit API that I see on the developers website. Is the Hubitat iOS app posted anywhere so i could maybe tweak it or is that closed source?


That’s precisely the API Apple would reject this usage of. It’s for spam detection. You’re not allowed to do what you want so Apple would reject it.

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