IOS dashboard scrolling issues and app dashboard bug

Dashboard scrolling on an iPhone inside the app and in the web browser both have a really goofy behavior. They are identical. They are missing the ability to “throw” the scrolling like everything else does. As soon as I remove my finger, the scrolling stops. This is super odd. I do not know if android does the same or not.

Also, on the app, a “pull down” on the dashboard does a refresh. This is normal iPhone behavior. But what occurs is it exits the dashboard and throws you back to the list of dashboards. I’d imagine this is not intended behavior.

You are referring to the Hubitat App correct?What OS and device? They need this to troubleshoot if there is trouble with the app, but I don’t experience this on my iPhone XR running iOS 13.1 Beta 3. So maybe you won’t soon either when iOS 13.1 is released.

For refresh, tap the green check mark on the upper right in the app Dashboard page.

The scrolling issue is in BOTH safari and the hubitat app.

iOS 11.2

The pulldown to refresh issue is hubitat app only. You slide down, release, and it springs to the top. The spinner spins. Once it refreshes, it returns to the home screen to pick a dashboard. This issue does not occur when you use the green checkmark to refresh.

I have confirmed this issue on IOS 12.4 as well. I won’t be upgrading to 13 for a while. I could maybe use a 2nd phone to take a video if that helps the developers.

I was forced to upgrade to IOS 13.1.1. Looks like that resolved the scrolling issue and spring to release issues.

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