iOS Beta app forcing me to sign in often

The iOS beta app (1.0.5 build 52) keeps forcing me to sign in again after I haven't had it open for a day or so then gets stuck on Loading Mobile Devices until I force close the app and reopen it. My iPhone XS is running iOS 12.4.

I can also confirm this behavior. Also using iPhone XS running 12.4 - iOS 1.0.5 build 52.

Yes i am having this problem on ipad pro with 4g as well

I was having this problem on the non-beta, so switched to the beta hoping it was fixed, but still having this issue.

I’m having the same problem. I seem to have to sign in more often in the TestFlight version that I did with the last release version.

I am running iOS 13.1 beta if that makes any difference.

There doesn’t seem to have been much activity with the beta versions lately?

I got offered build 56 this morning? Coincidence??

Unfortunately I’ve already had one forced logout which therefore left me present at home and left the heating running in an empty house.

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