IOS app: “loading user data…” then “searching for hub to claim”… forever

Trying to install the app because I want to be able to be notified on my phone when HSM is triggered.

I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app a bunch of times. I do have a dashboard created called “dashboard”. I have registered the hub. My iPhone is a 12 pro running the most updated version of IOS.

Suspiciously the app also doesn’t work on the android tablet I bought to be the touchscreen, on the android tablet is starts to log in then immediate crashes giving me a “this app has stopped working” message.

Definitely still have hope for hubitat but this is not a great start.

I have the app installed on my iPhone 12 Pro and haven’t see this issue. Can you share a screenshot of the error(s) you get on the phone?

On the Android tablet you could also try this community app:

Download the Hubitat app