IOS App - Gap at bottom of screen

Is anyone else having this issue of having a gap at the bottom of their screen?


Ummm it's a space.... It's there for everyone. Not exactly sure what the issue is...Device scrolling is done within a frame.

I see it too. On a small iPhone screen it’s a bit of a waste of limited real estate.

However I never load the hub web UI from within the mobile app.

I just use a safari or chrome tab on my iPhone and don’t really have an issue.

I have an IPhone 10 using Chrome and I don't see that.

It's in the app

How do you look at the web UI in the app, didn't know you could do that. Have no desire to do it, but I can't find in the app where you do that.

Hubitat app, click on tools, connect to hub, pick devices

Is that through remote admin. I don't have a connect to hub. I have a find Hubs, but it doesn't find them. I have never tried that before.

It’s not always been there for me though and now it’s there it feels like wasted space :man_shrugging:

Thank you for fixing this in the new app update :pray: @bobbyD

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