iOS App Device ID with token not valid or expired?

My ios app isn't getting notifications anymore. Might have something to do with this error that pops up when i go to the notifications menu item in the ios app:
DeviceId XXXXXX with token not valid or expired.

How do I fix this?

That's a rare occurrence. In settings on the app, log out. Delete the notification device (and any other accidentally created phone devices you don't use) from hubitat in settings>>devices. Log back in with the app and when prompted, create device. Now set that device in all your notifications.

I’m getting the same error when I try to call up notifications. I have one phone device that was established on initial setup named “IPhone”. Later when setting up notifications I changed the device name of phone. It seems that’s when I started getting the same error message as the OP identified. Could the way I changed name cause this issue? If so what is the best way to resolve. Thanks in advance.

Issue resolved! I apparently I needed to log out of app after changing device name of iPhone. I also deleted and reinstalled notifier app.