iOS App and Battery Life

So I headed out the door yesterday at about 4PM with 100% battery charge. Had a phone call that lasted about 30 minutes, otherwise was in meetings and dinner so hardly touching my phone. On the ride home I pull out my phone to the dreaded "low battery warning" - I was at less than 5%. When I went into the settings and see the majority of the drain was coming from the Hubitat app. Anyone else experienced this - does the "high accuracy presence" create more drain or is it just the geofence in general?

Yes, that feature of the Hubitat Mobile App, in my experience, will greatly impact battery usage.

I have found Life360 to be the best overall solution on my family's iPhones, in terms of reliability and battery usage. The build-in Life360 integration also works very well. TMMV, of course.

Thanks, I've disabled that feature for now and see if it makes a difference. I looked at Life360 and honestly found it a little creepy ... but that's just probably me!

Yes, I understand and agree. If you're up for a little challenge, you might want to look at using Locative on your iPhone, and having it update a virtual presence sensor on your hub using the Hubitat MarkerAPI app on your hub. You have to use the cloud-endpoints in MakerAPI for this to work, as chances are Locative will try to change the status of the presence sensor while the phone is not on your home's WiFi network.

It will definitely make a difference. Most people’s experience seems to mirror yours, based on some other threads. It certainly had a huge impact on my iPhone XS.

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