iOS 13.2.2 and Hubitat App

I was testing the Notifications app and sending the text to my iPhone. I set one up earlier today and it worked as expected. After that I updated to iOS 13.2.2 and just sent another notification. Much to my surprise, the Hubitat notification also showed up on my Apple Watch! Color me thrilled. I often miss notifications as I carry my phone in a cargo pants pocket and may not hear (even though the phone is set annoyingly loud to other people) or even notice the vibration if busy. One of the main reasons Apple Watch was for insuring I don't miss important calls, texts, or (now) notifications from Hubitat.


This has always been how all iPhone notifications work for me. I'm not sure that individual apps can control whether they go to a paired Watch or not, and I don't think 13.2.2 changed anything here.

In any case, glad it's working how you want it to!

Same here. Strange you weren’t receiving them before, but I’m glad they’re working!

I’ve always felt it would be nice to get a message response set up with iOS—haptic touching a notification will let you fire certain actions—but also understand there are way more important things for staff to put time into. :slight_smile:

Edit: A fun story about watch notifications... started a load of laundry the other day after converting my laundry notification rules to 4.0. I went on a run, and started getting notifications like crazy that the washer was done, because I forgot to fire a cancel timers event in RM :sweat_smile: I wish I had them turned off, that time lol

Then I have no idea why it started working correctly all of a sudden. It's a Apple Watch Series 3 that's a little over 2 months old running the latest version (6.1) of watchOS. The only thing that changed was updating the iPhone X to 13.2.2 this afternoon. The phone and watch both get rebooted every week or 2 for good measure.

If I were to implement a laundry feature anytime soon I'd want it to empty the laundry basket, wash, dry, fold and put them away or hang them up for me.


Yes, you can set which app's notifications do or do not show up on the watch.

You can, but what I really meant was that I don't think Hubitat itself could have done anything specifically to change this.

Nope, Hubitat can't. My guess is that his upgrade fixed something that was broken. Notifications have shown up on my Apple Watch since my first Apple Watch, years ago.

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Notifications worked in general as I get text and email notifications constantly throughout the day. The one thing I had never received a notification from was Hubitat. Now I need to verify that that the notifications in Hubitat Safety Monitor pop up on the watch too. Which they should, I'm just the type to test often.

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They will pop up on your watch by default, or should.

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