[iOS 1.2.0:115] Switches out of sync on Devices page

If a devices state changes (on/off) AFTER you load the Devices page, the state is not updated unless you exit & reload the app, or deselect the hub.

Ideally these changes would be event driven, but a Refresh button would help…it’s hard to turn off a light when Devices thinks it is already off.

Actually, it would be ALSO helpful if Devices ALWAYS sent the on/off command, regardless of the devices’ current state.

I just noticed this about 5 mins ago. If i press and hold the button, move the dimmer slide down, then lights react and then I can press the button itself to control. If I just open the app and press a button nothing happens.

I had not looked at this before, but it is mush stranger than that on my devices page. I can control devices outside the app, and they appear to update on the devices page at least briefly. The strange part is that randomly, devices are turning on and off on the devices page (not in real life though) and it covers Z-wave, Zigbee, and Hue integrated lights in every room that I set up.

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