Intrusion Delay Alert Built-in to HSM

The HSM app is very robust but I feel there is one simple feature missing and that is a built in alert for either armed delay or intrusion delay where you can select what device in your hub will alert you the delay is active and how. It would be nice to select a chime or a google home device, etc.

I know that those people who are using a keypad have this built in to the keypad but to those of us who aren't we are left trying to build Rule Machine automations to do this.

We have intentionally not introduced a lot of extra features such as this into HSM. The more features, the harder it is to use, understand, document, etc. Instead, we have made it possible to use Rule Machine as a feature extender for HSM. HSM generates events for the delayed arming states, and Rule Machine can trigger a rule from these. Then, that rule can do whatever additional notifications or sounds you might want. See below:

Ok, fair enough.

For those who come across this feature request, here is a link to a post where i was trying to build this feature in and the way to do it:

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