Inteset Z-Wave Plus Door/Window Sensor

These are available on Amazon for relatively cheap but there is currently no Hubitat driver for them as far as I know. Well, until now. I looked at the documentation on Inteset's site and saw that these are a very simple device that supports very little -- just open/closed events and battery status. I went trawling for other device drivers and came across Bryan Copeland's driver for the Wink door/window sensors which supported exactly the same things that this sensor supports.

The only thing I did to Bryan's driver was change the identity strings at the top so the fingerprint matches the Inteset device. That's it.

If anybody's wanting to check it out....

This is a fork of Bryan's repo for my own hacking purposes and any questions about his code should be directed to him.

Note: Hacking device IDs to make the driver auto-detect the sensor does not imply endorsement of these things -- they're pretty bad.


Just a remark on why I said these sensors are pretty bad: They're very sensitive to magnet placement, unlike the DSC sensors that were previously on the doors (I retired the old DSC Impassa security system, which uses proprietary sensors), and I had to do a lot of fiddling to get them to work correctly. Also, of the four sensors that I installed, one of them was "sticky" and would stick either in the "open" or "closed" state from time to time and I ended up just tossing it and trying a different brand of sensor in that application. I think partly the fact that I installed these on steel doors might have been the cause of some of the issues, but like I said, the DSC sensors had no problem in this application.

So: Not Recommended. They do work, but there's a lot better sensors out there.

I finally got one of the Wink sensors, and now I see why the Inteset and Wink drivers are identical other than the identity strings -- they are identical hardware. The only difference is the identity string reported, and the shape of the top case that snaps onto the base. The actual circuit board is exactly the same. The actual components on the circuit board are actually the same. The logo is different. This is yet another example of how the Chinese vendors badge engineer pretty much everything.