Interpreting a Christmas Tree Power meetering (Aeotec Smart Switch 6)

Hi -
I have a pretty dumb question. For this past Holiday I hooked up my Aeotec Smart Switch 6 to my Christmas tree :christmas_tree:, reset the values, with a goal to find out how much energy it used over the X number of days (57) we had the tree lit.

Now I'm in the uncomfortable ignorant position of not really knowing what values and their associated measurement I should be using to interpret this data.


I'm assuming it's the energy = 1.345 as that seems to be the total as it grew steady over those 57 days but I have know idea what the actual measurement is there, is that in kWH?

Thank you for any pointers

Edit: I think I'm being stupid here, and the energy is 1.345kWH total which here in Washington if I assumed was $0.13 per kWH .. cost me roughly 17 cents.