Internet Down For a Week, OH MY

Our internet has been down for a week and one can sure learn a lot when that happens. It actually went down on the coldest day, -10 degrees last week. Water is still on, but I guess the electrons couldn't handle the cold...

First the good news, Hubitat still works great. No notifications or presence, but automations still work. Had to use dashboards more often without Alexa, but that's ok.

How other things worked.
Alexa, of course not. Kinda annoying when we forget and ask her something. She responds with no internet connection then spends the next 5 minutes telling us how to trouble shoot it.

Google Home, again doesn't work. Our Google clock continuousely changes from displaying the time and a message that the internet is down.

Honeywell thermostat. No local access here, just go to the unit itself.

We have 3 different brands or cameras. Just worked out that way.
Wyze cams, no local access.
Blink cam at front door, no local access.
SV3C outdoor cams, no problem here. I can access them over local network ok. These are some of the best cameras I have ever bought.

Logitech Harmony. It sorta works, but when you turn on an activity it apparently goes out and tries to ask the mother ship if it is ok. Takes about a minute before things actually come on. Once they are on it works ok. And turning things off, same slow result.

The Dog, Our Echos announce when we come home. So that isn't happening. The dog has learned when he hears that to go to the door to greet us. Now he doesn't know we are coming till the door opens. He's a little confused.

The wife. Don't even go there.

This is meant as a tongue in cheek humorous diatribe but it's pretty amazing how much we really rely on the internet. We actually are still down. I am writing this using the hotspot on my phone which is soooo sloooow, it's almost useless.


:rofl: :+1:


flash the RTSP firmware and you can access locally as long as your internal network is still up


Again, why no home automation should be cloud reliant. Keep it local and keep the wife happy :stuck_out_tongue:


I don't have any internet connection issues (thanks to my UPS and fiber I usually have a more stable internet connection than power :smiley: ). I do however have most of my cameras out of order at the moment since a effin rat chewed off two cat6 cables..

Is there a way that I can click the heart button a thousand times?


It's INSANELY annoying if you have multiple Echos. When it gets to the "please go to the Alexa app" it triggers another one and usually ends up causing a chain reaction. But, we also literally have a device in every room (including bathrooms...for music mostly) except the laundry room.

Just like any woman, telling the guys what to do. (ducks for cover) :grin:

Unfortunately 3 of my 4 Wyze Cams are V1 which you can't do this on.

Oh yeah. Not sure where we would be if I was still using that other outfit.

We live in a rural area where our options are limited. Slow DSL, Expensive and limited Satellite, etc.

The wife decided it was a good time to re-arrange the bedroom. We have an Echo Show which is used also as a clock. Had to unplug it during the re-arrange. Bad thing to do. Apparently there is no way to manually set the clock. I figured out that it was approximately 7.5 hours behind. So when I would wake up in the middle of the night I had to add that to the time to figure out what time it was. Trying doing that when you're half asleep.

By the way, still waiting to get my internet back on. And the delay is Fedex's. Here's the story.

I use a cellular internet service. For some reason last Tuesday, the 16th it went out. I finally got ahold of the company, not the cell company, and they said for some reason my account got cancelled. They had no explanation for why, just a screw up. So they had to send a new SIM card as they couldn't authorize the old one again. Okay, they sent one Fedex overnight on the 16th. I still have not received it. And Fedex doesn't seem to know where it is. So on Friday they sent me another SIM card, this time by USPS 2 day priority mail. Guess what, I haven't gotten that one either. And the post office doesn't seem to know where it is. Come to find out the postal service uses Fedex also.

At this point it's starting to be comical. I realize the weather had something to do with it, but how could both get lost at the same time... And the weather is all gone now.

One day at a time...