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Quick Question that I can't seem to find a clear answer on. Is there a way for my hub to detect if internet is lost? I turn off the power to my garage door when no one is home and when they get home, I trigger it to turn on. If the internet is out the hub will not get the API call from the cloud and the power will not turn back on.
If there is a way to ping google and if it gets no response, it triggers the "home" mode turning the power back on.

You would need to write a custom app to do something like this. There's no built-in capability to handle it.

Another solution would be to use a smart outlet that works locally to turn your garage door on and off.

Sorry, I should have elaborated a bit more on the setup. I use tasker and send an API command to say "hey I'm home". It does this through the cloud but if the internet is down it will not get this command and the power will not turn back on for the garage door opener.
If hubitat had a way of verifying the internet was up I could trigger a rule that says, "if no internet connection, set mode to home". This would turn the power back on automatically for the garage door opener and all would be good.

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Ahhhh, gotcha. I was going to ask about presence. I don't need to now. :wink:

Yeah, you'd need a custom app to do this. You could possibly modify @jwetzel1492's [RELEASE] HTTP Presence Sensor to suit your needs as it basically does what you need (queries a http endpoint and sets presence based upon that). You could use to ping google or something and then setup a RM rule to trigger on when the "presence" is away, meaning that the internet is down.

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I was just looking at that! Thanks :slight_smile:

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That is what I was thinking too. Could be a really quick/easy way to do this.

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Just put in and it seems to be working. Thanks a ton guys!


If you have an APC UPS, @srwhite just released a way that you could do it.

[RELEASE] APC UPS Monitor Driver


@neonrt7 would you mind sharing how to make tasker api call? I would love to use my Maker API with tasker. Thanks!

Looks like this will work. I will test later and update the thread but I think this will work as I need it to.

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I will do a writeup on how I did this and post it up. I'll link it for you. Seems to be working well so far.

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