Internet connection monitoring

Hi, I wanted to ask you for any ideas in regards to controlling an internet connection:

My router and cable modem are plugged into a Zwave controlled plug. Since HE is operating locally, I would like to setup a "rule" that would turn the plug off when internet goes down and turn it back on within 30 seconds. The toggle is simple. but how would I ago about the trigger? It would be as simple as a constant ping to some web like or even multiple sites. Is there a HE pp for something like this?

Any other ideas how to accomplish this?

Thank you!

See the app called web pinger...

So the HE itself somehow knows when the internet connection drops. You will get a message if you go into the interface saying the cloud connection has failed. So logically, you could monitor that somehow instead of building a web pinger, right? I can’t figure out how to do this though.

You don't have to build the web pinger since it's already available. All you need to do is install it :slight_smile:

I cannot get the web ping to work. It will ping once. Then stop working.

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